Indian competitions

Cricket is a game related to baseball. Teams take turns throwing the ball, trying to knock out the collar, which protects the other team. She beats balls bat, like a small paddle. Having repulsed, the defense player can score a certain number of runs while the other team catches the ball. The one who scored more runs won. One Pakistani friend assured me that the root of popularity is in the unhurriedness of this game: matches last for hours, and sometimes several days. They say that it is not enough to run through the hour and a half with the ball, as in football, in the local heat, but cricket is created for the South Asian climate. But for India, cricket is something holy. Ranji Trophy and Vijay Hazare Trophy are famous cricket competitions in India.

Ranji Trophy

Competition was launched after the Indian Crick Council meeting in July 1934 as the “Indian Cricket Championship”. The first Randji championship was won by Bombay after defeating Northern India in the final. Seyd Mohammed Hadi Hyderabad was the first batsman to score 100 goals. Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is still dominated by the team in a championship with 40 wins. Government teams, cricket clubs and first-class associations can play the Ranji Trophy although most associations are regional such as the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association and others.

Vijay Hazare Trophy

The current result of Vijay Hazare Trophy competition (and live online video broadcast), the schedule and results of this tournament are available to all fans online. As soon as the game starts, you will be able to follow the results of the cup, as well as find out the current position of the teams, updated in real time. India’s previous match was against Australia at Twenty20 International. The match ended with a score of 164 – 168 (India won the match). Vijay Hazare Trophy is slightly smaller in scale, but its importance to Indian cricket is great. The indicators for this competition and the form of the game teams – this is a unique algorithm of Vijay Hazare Trophy.

During each championship in India, the level of law enforcement is improved: in India, bookmakers who bid on cricket were detained

Indian law enforcement authorities detained two bookmakers who were involved in illegal bidding for a cricket match between the national teams of India and Sri Lanka, which was held in the framework of the representative international tournament Twenty20. It is reported that during the searches, the police seized about two hundred thousand rupees (about $ 3,500), as well as several mobile phones. For the detention of these bookmakers, a police officer contacted them under cover and wished to place a bet.

We note that this detention was next in the chain of small and large cases regarding cricket bets in India. Currently, cricket competitions, both domestic and international, are very popular among Indians, but the authorities are in no hurry to legalize sports betting. Some time ago it turned out that illegal bookmakers entered the international level and even got to the professional players from the national team of Pakistan, who played for one of the Welsh clubs. It turned out that in one of the official matches they intentionally worsened their game by agreement with the bookmakers. In another case on the rates for the Indian Premier League cricket matches, Bollywood film producers were also implicated.

Betting on Ranji Trophy and Vijay Hazare Trophy

Now cricket bets are offered by almost all bookmakers. Sport has a high popularity and the competition is quite regular. If there are no major international tournaments between “cricket” countries, then there are local tournaments in many countries. Many cappers prefer to choose exactly cricket for bets, since this sport is quite easy to analyze. Most of all, we advise you to pay attention to major competitions, in particular international ones, since there is more motivation of athletes and there is no corruption. As practice confirms, small tournaments in India, Bangladesh and similar countries are often associated with corruption and betting frauds, and relatively little information about teams.

Cricket is quite an effective game and during a separate over team the team gains a considerable number of wounds, in particular high-class ones. A series of bets on total wounds of a certain team in the overnight look quite relevant. As a rule, bookmakers provide the opportunity to bet on total wounds in a row and you can always increase the bet in order to win back the previous ones.

Some interesting news about cups

And of course, cricket news remains in the spotlight. The two most discussed today (both of which have a very indirect relationship to the sport itself): first, whether Punam Pandei will finally undress, and second, how India’s neighboring Pakistan will react to the “blue” eternal rival. Punam Pandei is a famous Indian model, one of the top ten beauties in her country. Shortly before the final, she publicly announced that she would completely undress in the stadium if the Indian national team won. In her opinion, such a striptease can have a “therapeutic effect” on tired athletes. This news caused a loud delight of “advanced” youth and keen discontent with traditionalists. It got to the point that the women’s wing of the Hindu party “Bharatiya Janata” threatened the model with a lawsuit and scrupulously listed which particular articles of the criminal code would violate if exposed at the stadium, which also has minors.

The promise of the beautiful Panda, in fact, is not just a desire to give a PR in every sense of the word. The country is facing a bitter struggle between traditionalists and supporters of “new views”. Despite the fact that India calls itself “the greatest democracy of the world” (meaning the population), the position of women here is far from ideal: traditional ideas prescribe them to dutifully sit at home. The province still has the barbaric custom of killing newborn girls – families need sons. But to the younger generation of Indian women from big cities, the image of the mutated to the toe, clogged and submissive matron is clearly alien. That is why Panda’s statement caused such heated debate and appeared on the front pages of leading newspapers.

However, shortly after its loud promise of a model that did not expect threats and violent attacks, it was necessary to soften its position. She said that she was still ready to be naked, but only in front of the national team members or, possibly, abroad – in the name of the Indian victory. But she will do it.

Indian cricket cups as a means of creating the piece

The fact that cricket diplomacy has appeared in South Asia has long been known. Let’s turn back in the 1980s. Pakistan’s then military dictator, General Zia-ul-Haq, began traveling to India for cricket matches in order to “informally” talk with Indian politicians. Another Pakistani military leader, General Musharraf, also resorted to this practice in the 21st century.

Of course, New Delhi and Islamabad periodically try to use other reasons for informal meetings. For example, a Pakistani politician once came to visit the Indian as a guest at a daughter’s wedding. But cricket is definitely leading in politics. This sport in South Asia is almost a religion. It is said here that it is high time to add the Multi-armed Cricket to the pantheon of numerous Hindu gods. At the same time Muslim Pakistan and Bangladesh or Buddhist Sri Lanka are not inferior to Indians in a passionate love for cricket. Therefore, cricket stadiums here become a place where not only sports, but also social ones (as is the case with the Pandei model) and political passions are in full swing.

“Why is cricket diplomacy exactly? Understand that even the opposition, which demands tough measures against Pakistan, will not be outraged if the meeting of the two heads of government takes place at the cricket stadium. The desire to see such a match will understand everything,” an Indian journalist and fan Kaushel Rai explained with a smile. It has long been said that India and Pakistan hate each other as only quarreled close relatives can hate. Like, strangers do not quarrel. But the love of cricket still unites the outraged family. No one can explain why this particular sport has become paramount in the entire region. Football and field hockey are played here, as well as polo, but in popularity they hopelessly lose to cricket.

But the meeting of the Indian and Pakistani national teams had important political significance – two prime ministers met at the stadium stands in Mohali: the head of the Indian government, Manmohan Singh, and his Pakistani counterpart, Yusuf Raza Gilani. And they discussed bilateral issues more than watching the serve of the ball. At this stage of development of the sports industry, basketball and football enjoy worldwide popularity and deserved love. You can bet on this sport in almost any bookmaker office. However, there are no less curious, however, at the same time, not so popular directions, which, meanwhile, are no worse.

This is a classic cricket. And let this game have quite exotic rules, it is no worse than football or basketball. And, according to experts, the game is undervalued. And Indian athletes prove it to the world.