Indian cricket

Everyone knows that the birthplace of the Indian national game of cricket is England, but I highly recommend you not to argue with the Indians about this, they may not understand you and will take offense at you extremely. But nevertheless, the Saxon word “cricc” (stick) is found in historical documents of the end of the XIII century. Like many modern games, cricket was born out of idleness and boredom. In the British wilderness, among the shepherds there appeared an amazing ball game with funny rules. All modern attributes of cricket, namely a trap, a stick, a bat and a ball, were invented by shepherds in the southeast of Great Britain, but soon the game of uneducated English migrated to the royal environment, which is also information. The document, dated 1300, says that Prince Edward spent 100 shillings and six pounds on the game of krieg.

Time passed and the British gradually settled around the world, carrying with them their good, eternal / their favorite hobbies. Thus, the game of British shepherds reached India. Neither railway built by them nor the Triumphal Arch “Gateway of India” in the port of Bombay (the meaning of which every Indian does not understand) could not enslave the minds of the proud Indian people. As happens in such cases, the very smallness played a bad joke with the Indians — the gate, the bat, the ball, the oval cricket ground and the Indian people could not be stopped.

India cricket: where in Mumbai do people play cricket?

The British so much Indians cricketed, that now all the inhabitants of the country of Shiva and Ganesh, from young to old, are prone to this disease. The city of Bombay (present-day Mumbai) was the place where the overseas game captured the minds of the Indians; it is in Mumbai that you can see the complete chaos of this sport.

Sometimes one gets the impression that Indians with bats for cricket are born, or they are given them right at the moment of childbirth. Wherever you go, wherever you stop, this game is everywhere. In Mumbai, cricket is played by all ages and each has its own favorite places. Local boys play in the courtyards and on the streets, students bang bats at the balls right in front of their hostels, and those who actually achieved success play on the professional field. There are several sandy beaches in Mumbai where, however paradoxical it may sound, it is forbidden to swim, as Indians and beaches use to play cricket.

This field, opposite Mumbai University (University of Mumbai) and Mumbai Supreme Court, is the largest Mumbai cricket ground. The huge oval-shaped field is located in the very center of the historic district of Mumbai surrounded by huge palm trees and hundreds of Mumbai people eagerly beat the bits on the balls. Be careful there, the trajectory of the ball is not always subject to athletes and you can easily get the ball in the forehead, and if you take into account the density of playing per square meter, your chances increase. And in Mumbai, there are two world-class stadiums – Wankhede Stadium and Brabourne Stadium, which many residents of the city want to visit.

Cricket is the national idea of ​​India

Probably the Indians, without even realizing it, have acquired a great Indian national idea and it consists of cricket, cricket for the Indian, everything and more. Anyone can try their hand at this sport with free time and a little skill and there is fact that cricket is widespread in India; you will not have problems with practical exercises. The Indians will be happy to tell you about some simple rules and make you feel how to stand on the gate with a bat. If yard Mumbai cricket does not inspire you, then learns all the intricacies of the game of cricket can be remotely. Only in India there is a separate TV channel, where only cricket and nothing else, it shows all international competitions, famous athletes regularly perform, tell the latest news of this fascinating sport and of course there are master classes.

About cricket

Residents of Mumbai are very gambling people, and fans of cricket, and even more so. The most obsessed cricket fans live in this particular city, often in the Indian press they skip the news about the next fan who gave the last for the sake of cricket, and the word “last” implies really desperate things. The story of Mumbai businessman Ravinda Kumar Sainia is very real, but for most people it may seem fiction. Woe to the businessman, having learned that a game with the participation of his favorite team will take place at the Braburn Stadium, without a second thought, he sells his entire business and buys tickets. For the entire business, it was possible to bail out an amount equal to 300 US dollars, which was more than enough to visit the stadium and dinner at a specific “cricket restaurant” called “Hals Juice Corner”. Restaurant “Health Juice Corner”, in this Mumbai restaurant, offers visitors a special “cricket menu”, which includes specialties, made according to special recipes, and treats are served on dishes made in the form of the main trophy – the World Cup cricket.

What does a cricket field look like?

This is an oval-shaped area with grass. Exactly in the middle of such a platform a special earthen strip passes, which is called a pitch. The pitch length is 20.12 meters. On the opposite sides of the pitch are wickets. Such wickets are called special constructions from three small columns dug into the ground. On these posts there are two small wooden crossbars. There are two teams in each cricket game, each consisting of eleven players. To win in cricket, you need to score more points than your opponent. Points are earned by attacking teams during a dash between wickets. The rules of the game of cricket provide for only 2 types of players: bowler (bowler) and batsman (batsman). Consider each of them in more detail.

Who is a bowler and who is a batsman?

Bowler is the player who takes the ball. It is located at one of the gates. Batsmen are standing near it and at the opposite gate. Each of them has a bit. The bowler must hit the square or the wicket slats. The task of the batsman is to repel the ball thrown by the bowler with his bat. If the batsman kick was successful and the ball is reflected, then he must run to the opposite gate. At this time, the player standing opposite him runs to the kicker’s place. You need to touch any part of the body or the bat at the gate, after which you can run back. More runs – more points.


Despite the huge population, in India, with sports victories, things have not always been very. If you leave cricket behind brackets, the only thing the country could boast about is field hockey. And even then the Indian team was lighting there exactly before the Moscow Olympics – then in this sport expensive artificial fields appeared that turned out to be beyond the reach of the former British colony. In the entire history of the Games, India won only twenty-six medals (eleven of them were field hockey, and another two awards were won by a British actor who rested in Paris in 1900 and decided to run for his historic homeland). In the individual competition, the first “gold” happened only six years ago in Beijing, when one Abkhinav Bindra was the most accurate in shooting from an air rifle. For which the authorities awarded him with life-long free travel on all trains of the country and handed over a whole list of money.

– Shock uttermost. Base without windows! Only three rooms with windows and air conditioning. There are m (the coach Susloparov), the deceased and two more Nigerians. And these as in a hostel: without windows and on bunk beds. The humidity is crazy, thirty degrees of heat and it rains eight times a day. The first training, the field was covered with people – local fans. At the end they surrounded the clearing so that it became like a hockey box in size, – he recalled the unusual period of his career in the neighboring state of India, Bangladesh, football player Sabir Khamzin.

Until recently, something like this was football in India itself. And there would be neither Del Piero, nor Zico there, and no one at all if in 2008 there hadn’t been a sports revolution in the country. And on the forefront of it, cricket was raising everyone to attack. The British brought this game to India during the period of colonization – since then it has become the main sport. And after winning the World Championship in 1983, it was absolutely cult. Six years ago, smart people realized that the insanity of cricket in India can be used somehow more competently. This is how a completely new league appeared, around which space money is now spinning. In the same way dreams about football are now passing in India.

Who is Sharapova?

“I was sure that India needed a sports league like,” explained Lalit Modi, vice president of the cricket control board. – I wanted to find a way to competently combine sport with business. There was nothing tricky about the transformation of the cricket league. The main change is the reduction in the duration of matches. Now the meeting time was limited to a few hours, although earlier the game could last for days. For example, before the Second World War in South Africa there was a match that began on March 3 and ended only on the 14th. And that is because the English team was late for the sailing steamer. By reducing the time of the game, it was possible to interest TV more. And at the same time attract local cinema stars and industrial giants as investors.

Eight teams entered the elite league – their organizers sold them to representatives of the rich Indian party. In total, it turned out more than 720 million dollars, and the most expensive team, Mumbai Indians, cost the new owners 111 million. As a result, Bollywood stars appeared on the stands, cheerleader girls appeared on the field, the situation at the stadiums looked like the American. Sony Entertainment Television bought exclusive television rights for 8 years for $ 1.6 billion, Pepsi for 74 million was entrusted with the right to be the main partner, and the best player in the league, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, began to occupy pride of place in the world’s highest-paid athletes. The average weekly player salary is higher here than in the football submarine or baseball Major League Baseball. Pay more only in basketball NBA.

About what Indian cricket means for this country, not so long ago it was possible to learn from the “embarrassment” of Maria Sharapova. At one of the press conferences, our tennis player admitted that she has no idea who Sachin Tendulkar is – one of the most successful players in the history of cricket. The infuriated Indians gave the female athlete a real obstruction and even created the hashtag #whoismariasharapova (who is Maria Sharapova) on Twitter.

India cricket news: India sent home Australia

The Indian national team completed the quartet of the semi-finalists of the World Cricket Championships, which is held in its homeland. New Zealand became an early qualifier from the 2nd group and for the second ticket, India and the Australian team fought, and the national team of the host country in an in-person duel required only victory. And the Indians made it in six wickets. Final score for injuries suffered 161,160 in favor of India. At the same time, the winners still have five untapped opportunities. India Commander Virat Kolya spent 82 wounds. To reach the finals, India will fight West India, which, despite the sensational defeat from Afghanistan, won first place in another group.